Discover the Power of DIY Reticulation: Unleash Your Inner Irrigation Expert! 

I have been installing and repairing irrigation for almost 20 years, and I am passionate about teaching what I know. I have taught many people I have employed over the years from scratch, and now I want to teach you how to DIY your own reticulation. The first step, before anything else, is to get a pressure tester. Before I made this one, I had never had one or seen one I was happy with.

How frustrating is it to have poor-quality reticulation work done? Or to get quotes on irrigation that are way out of your budget? Paying a tradie like myself, who does quality work, can be costly, and not everyone wants to go down this road. So many times at home, I have been trying to fix something and thought to myself, “I wish there was a video showing me how to do this with the parts I need.”

Plenty of handy people attempt DIY, however, the danger you face is having to redo your reticulation down the track in an established landscape. The course we have created is available for a fee; however, it's nothing in comparison to the total cost of your landscaping and having to redo it if you get it wrong. Plus, the itemised list of parts with codes means you get the right parts the first time, saving you multiple trips to the retic shop.

I offer my many years of experience in this course. Wishing you every success with your irrigation system.

Curriculum Scope

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  Making the pressure tester
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  Using the pressure tester
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About Us

Retic Renovation was born from a passion to see gardens and lawns flourish.

After spending many years in this industry in his previous business, our Director, Luke has a very good understanding of the types of problems that people face when using their home reticulation systems.

He has spent many years on the tools servicing people’s reticulation systems as well as in the office taking the calls and organising the jobs and materials.

As well as strong irrigation experience, Luke has a background in landscaping and loves beautiful healthy lawns and gardens, growing things has been a passion of his since childhood!


Cameron L

I reached out to Luke with a reticulation problem I was looking to sort out and Luke sent me a video and parts list to be able to have a crack at sorting it out myself which was right up my alley and rewarding!

Luke’s willingness to share and explain retic should be commended.

John H

We had such a great experience with Luke. After finding one of our valves was stuck open and having no success in locating it (I came close) Luke was more than happy to come up and fix it. He was prompt, really friendly and easy to talk to about our system and found the broken valve in no time and replaced it. He even took the liberty to film it and send me video at work to what he had done and how close I was. I like the fact that he doesn't mind you "having a go" and suggested for future work if I wanted to do the trenching it could save some money in getting extra stations laid etc.  You could hardly even tell he had been there! We will be using Lukes services and expertise again - thanks mate!

Dave A

For years I've not known what to do with my poorly laid out reticulation eg, multiple dry/dead patches both front and rear lawns. Luke has guided me through how to design and what products to use and to have a crack at it myself. The result now is amazing coverage front and rear. Highly recommend Luke for anything regarding reticulation.